Saturday, 23 February 2013

Naya Pakistan Full Song By Junaid, Salman, Nusrat and Shahi (Download Mp3)

This is the time to fulfill our destiny by contributing our best, united.
Not as individual identities but we will rise as a nation.
Towards a better state, the envisioned land..
A Naya Pakistan… InshAllah!

Vocals:  Intro Junaid Jamshed & Salman Ahmad
Lyrics: Aania Shah & Salman Ahmad
Composition: Salman Ahmad, Shahi Hasan, Nusrat Hussain & Junaid Jamshed
Guitars: Salman Ahmad
Bass: Shahi Hasan
Keyboards & precussions:  Nusrat Hussain
Backing Vocals:  Nusrat Hussain. Aania Shah. Sherjan Ahmad. Imraan Eelloo Ahmad.
Produced Arranged Mixed Mastered By Shahi Hasan @ Indus World Music (IWM) Studios.
Photography:  Aania Shah Studio

Naya Pakistan Download Audio:


InshAllah…. InshAllah
Naya Pakistan…… InshAllah

InshAllah… InshAllah (2)
Naya Pakistan… Naya Pakistan
Naya Pakistan.. Naya Pakistan

Insaaf ki awaaz uthay
zulm ki deewaar giray
Haq baatil pe ho chaa’ya
Haath utha kar maang dua..
Naya Pakistan…
InshAllah…. InshAllah(2)

Khawaab apna ta’beer ho
Sha’heen ki parwaaz bano
Naya Pakistaan… InshAllah

Naya pakistan..

Insaaf ki awaaz uthay… Zulm ki deewaar giray (InshAllah)
Haq baatil pe ho cha’ya… Haath utha kar maang dua (InshAllah)

Naya Pakistan….

Badlay ga waqt apna.. Ab waqt apna.. ab waqt apna
Dekhay ga… dekhay ga.. Sara jahaan.. sara jahaan
Naya pakistan… InshAllah
Take a listen to the song Below :

Naya Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed, Nusrat Hussain, Salman Ahm, Shahi Hasan, Naya Pakistan, InshAllah, Naya Pakistan Download MP3 Song,
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