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Taher Shah – Eye to Eye (Song / Music Video & Lyrics)

Artist: Taher Shah
Song: Eye to Eye

About video song of “EYE TO EYE
Tahir Shah try his tremendous best with thoughtful dedication to make a unique classic epic song and video. He wrote the lyric’s with the vision to love one’s especially express and convey the feelings of marvelous love to each other with “EYE TO EYE” because He sincerely believes in “EYES” true love and encourages it. He requests to the peoples and invite all promising generations to please join him and fall in love with

Watch music video below:

English Version:

Urdu version:

Eye to Eye Song Lyrics

Eyeen to eyeeen, Eyeeeen to eyeeeen
sensual sensational eyeeens
my eyes and your eyens
colorful eyes our eyens
fabulous exciting eyeens
eyeeen to eyeeeen, eyeeen to eyeeeen
mmmmmm ,aaaaaahaaaaa
keep your love in the soul
make love with eye to eye
your fairs(if I am not wrong) and glorious eyes
I can see with my spectrum eye
its a genuine classic love
she will feel it romantic love :/
my BRIDE(are you kidding me) eye to eye
glowing with your sparkling eyes
Already gotta special love
sincere promise peaceful love
eyeeeen to eyeeeeen , eyeeeen to eyeeeeen
simple charming eyes
my eyes and your eyes
dreaming fairies eyes our eyes
stylish excellent human eye
eyeeeen to eyeeeen, eyeeeen to eyeeeeeen
mmmmmmmm, hmmm aaahahaaaaa
eye to eye makes happy killer love
lifetime once in a life,
substantial love is heaven
for the “size” eyes
spectacular eyes our eyes
my eyes and your eyes
eyeeeen to eyeeeen , eyeeeeen to eyeeeeen
beautiful eyes as endless love
your eyes are like a sunshine
your precious eyes belongs to me
because I love you
true love always smile
you are mine always mine
your love is faithful forever and ever
without you I am like a butterfly without flying???
eyeeeen to eyeeeeen , eyeeeen to eyeeeeen
mmmmm hmmmm, aaaa haaaaaaaaaaa
wonderful gorgeous eyes
my eyes and your eyes
emotional and happy eyes
all lovely eyes full of life
eyeeeen to eyeeeen, eyeeeen to eyeeeeen
mmmm hmmmm aaaa haaaaaaaaa”

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